About Us

Since 11 years, we of Ayubia Group of Enterprises have been the first choice realtors when it comes to providing top rates property services in the dynamic property sector of Gwadar. We have assembled a highly skilled team of property authorities with a mission to empower our valued clients when the need arises to provide them with smart investment decisions. At present we have an extensive listing database which contains all manner of properties and is updated on a regular basis. We operate in the buzzing locations of Singhar Housing Society, New Town Housing Scheme and Mahbar Housing Scheme.

When it comes to investment decisions, careful assessment of many vital factors and ground realities is required before taking a final step. A first time investor or even a seasoned investor has little time and energy to gather enough information to make a calculated final investment without risk. For this very purpose, the passionate and honest professionals of Ayubia Group of Enterprises utilize years of experience in the local real estate sector to muster good results. All of the hard work is done in our bid to completely please our valued customers. Client satisfaction is always our top priority and our amiable staff makes sure that every client gets treated in a special way.